• NEI Harvard Vision Core
    Supporting vision research at Harvard and its affiliates

Vision Core at Harvard

Director:   Margaret Livingstone

The NEI Vision Core provides support and facilities for vision-related research at Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, and Harvard affiliates in the Longwood Medical area in Boston. Its goal is to provides facilities and equipment that promote research and foster collaborations within Harvard’s vision research community. The Core includes four modules.

The Neural Imaging Module is equipped to support a wide range of imaging techniques and provides the services of an excellent imaging specialist.

The Machine Shop Module has expertise in developing new equipment for physiological and behavioral experiments.

The Neuroengineering Module provides support for the design, configuration and implementation of hardware and software for data-acquisition and visual stimulus generation.

The Viral Module provides support for the design, development and use of viral based vectors.

Investigators interested in using the Vision Core should contact the relevant module directors, or, for general questions, the Core director

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